Ikumi Courcier


  •  While studying in the Department of French Language and Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, I gained four teaching qualifications in English and French for junior schools and senior schools. I obtained an MA degree in Educational Studies (personalised education) at the University of York, UK. I then conducted research on personalised education for my PhD at Sophia University. I am currently working for Durham University as a tutor. I worked for York St John University as an associate external examiner until 2014. For the past 15 years, I have been teaching babies, toddlers, primary school pupils, secondary school pupils and university students. I was also the chairperson of a Japanese school in the North of England until March 2014.


  •  I have contributed to three books about personalised education published in Japanese, English and Italian. I have also published articles in academic journals and have given presentations of personalised education at international conferences. When I go back to Japan, I give talks about parenting, personalised education and bilingualism etc. Some of my seminars have been televised on local TV programmes in 2013. I have been writing monthly articles to a national Japanese parenting and education magazine.


  •   I have lived in the UK for 10 years with my husband, daughter, son and cat. My husband’s family and relatives have graduated from boarding schools in the UK. Most recently, my young relatives went to Eton College and Winchester College, and they successfully graduated from Oxford University (UK) and Princeton University (Ivy League, USA).