For those who are interested in UK's boarding schools: 

British boarding schools have started to open the door to international students! If you are interested in boarding schools in the UK, don’t miss out any opportunity!


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 Who are guardians?

In order for international students, whose parents live abroad, to obtain education at primary and secondary schools in the UK, they must by law have their own guardian who is based in the UK and who acts on behalf of their parents.


Guardians help and support children by making good contacts between schools and parents, dealing with emergencies (24 hours), securing children’s safety, understanding children’s conditions and school life etc. Guardians also arrange host families for the children when they stay in the UK during their Easter, half term and/or exeat holidays.


Ikumi Courcier Guardianship is based in York (the North of England) and has considerable knowledge of British boarding schools. The motto of Ikumi Courcier Guardianship is ‘to give the best support to individual children’. Ikumi Courcier Guardianship will give heartfelt support and help your child/children to fulfil their dreams and potential and enjoy their school life in the UK.


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